This October is not about witches and goblins for me, it’s about saving boobies!! And he people attached to those boobies. And today marks the first day of BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH!! Get out your pink, ladies, gents, trans, and fans! Or if you’re over the pink (or it’s just not your color!), get out the green! Cause research and treatment aint’ cheap! But it is WORKING!! I could give you all the ugly depressing sobering stats about what a killer breast cancer is but today, today I’m going to concentrate on the advancements and how all this fundraising is making a difference.

My all time favorite stat is: the death rate from breast cancer has been decreasing since 1989! But we are still losing over 40,000 women every year. Will you help me in my campaign to bring number that down to 0? “Yes! Yes!” you shout! “FANTASTIC!” I shout back! I have been working for months on a huge roll out to raise money and awareness.

What can you do?

  • Come to the cabaret, Ole Chum! Click and get your tickets! This year the money is going to Stand Up 2 Cancer because they are giving me cool pins AND their dream research team is working on Triple Negative Cancer, which was the cancer in my breast, and I am worried about my daughters and my granddaughters and my great-granddaughters…you get it. TNC is a nasty MFer and the good people at Stand Up are looking at ways to shut it and other breast cancers DOWN.
  • Buy a C-Shirt or sweatshirt or tote! “But Shannon,” you say, “I don’t want to go to your show about porn and I have enough T-Shirts.”
  • Then I say, “Go to the SUPPORT page and donate to Stand Up to Cancer OR make a donation to my Making Strides team (TEAM: Shannon Burkett) which is the walk to raise money for the American Cancer Society”. Or even better yet, join my team!

This October, let’s cast our witches’ brew, wave our magic wands, and make cancer disappear!!! Have a beautiful day, my friends, my family, my loved ones!