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…after cancer

A friend who had been through the worst of the worst with her cancer looked me in the eye one day a few months after she had finished treatments and I immediately recognized and empathized with the darkness that swirled in the pools of her pupils. After a moment, I said to her, “You want to know: why is surviving the hardest part?”

…after cancer is a web series comprised of segments devoted to the various difficulties one faces in life after cancer; difficulties that are often unexpected and left untreated. The various challenges that cancer brings almost never ends with the last day of treatment. The goal is to educate, raise the volume on the dialogue about these issues, and prompt change in health care after cancer. …after cancer will explore topic such as sexual health, PTSD, phantom pain, and that is just the start.

This project is in its infancy and if you are interesting helping bring it to life, please contact