About Art Acts

How many times have you seen a moving piece of theatre or an stirring movie about the injustices of our world and ever wondered: what can I do about that? So You Wanna aims to answer that question by not only developing and producing projects that raise consciousness through thematic material but activity engages in making change through ARTISTIC ACTIVISM (ART ACTS).

ART ACTS aims to bring awareness and foster activism.

Shannon Burkett

An activist isn’t born, they are created by the life experience that are thrust upon them.

Less than a year after my son was born, a routine blood test revealed he had lead poisoning. This toxic metal had devastating and lasting effects on his developing neurological, gastrointestinal, hematological, and immunological systems. Almost three years after his initial diagnosis and countless interventions, my son seemed to finally be turning a corner, that month I was diagnosed with Paget’s disease and triple negative breast cancer.

The one goal I had for myself throughout my treatment (besides staying alive) was to tell the story, the story of a woman who claims her sexuality without hesitation or apology. Living through this character, restored my power and confidence in myself as a sexual woman. And this wonderful world that I created gave me solace and comfort throughout my fight with cancer.

So You Wanna was formed to create pieces that not only have social or political thematic roots but that can be actively used as vehicles for change. I found my voice as a writer when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I found my voice as an activist through fighting for my chronically ill child. And now, I’m merging those voices into one.