The Cunnilingus King Music Video
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In 2016, over 300,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Five years ago, I was one of those women so I did what any woman who is fighting breast cancer would do: I wrote a rock musical about porn. This was my way of reclaiming my sexuality at a time when I was losing my breasts. On September 15th, in honor of the five-year anniversary of my mastectomy and five years of being able to say I am cancer-free, So You Wanna Productions is releasing a music video of one of the songs from the musical called “The Cunnilingus King”. My goal is to raise the volume on a desperately needed dialogue focusing on the dramatic impact cancer has on sexuality and to raise money for organizations that help combat this terrible disease. Would you like to help? Please donate to my Making Strides Team or buy a C-Shirt!